In the classic version, scratch cards are made in the form of small tickets. On their front side there is a playing field with nine cells. In each sector, there are images indicated by the rules. The drawings are hidden under a special coating. The lottery participant is invited to erase the cover to see the pictures.

Scratch cards, in the cells of which there are three identical images, bring the prize. In a separate sector, the amount of remuneration is indicated.

Initially, scratch cards were issued in the form of printed tickets. Online versions of the instant lottery appeared in the early 2000s. The first virtual scratch cards were offered by Scratch2Cash. Created using Flash and Java technologies, they simulate the process of erasing a film.

Players can scrape off the floor in two ways:

  • sequentially in each cell by hovering the mouse over the desired sector;
  • in all cells at once. To do this, use the Scratch All or Show Card key, depending on the version of the game. Pressing it instantly opens all images on the map.

Instant lotteries have become widespread in the online gambling industry. Today, scratch cards are found in the collections of most gaming software manufacturers and in the entertainment range of major online casinos.

Win Modern versions of online scratch cards

Virtual lotteries have additional features. In an effort to diversify entertainment, the developers are presenting scratch cards in various improved versions. As a result, all kinds of lottery tickets are offered to users.

Larger field maps
On scratch cards of this type, playing fields are complemented by several rows and levels. They may contain several dozen cells with images.

To get a win, you need to do more than just find several identical pictures. It is necessary to collect a number of identical images, located vertically, diagonally or horizontally, depending on the rules of the game.

Scratch cards with “winning” patterns
A special “winning” picture is determined on such tickets. It is located in a separate cell. The image is immediately assigned a specific value. The user is rewarded if the “winning” drawing is on the common playing field.

Scratch cards with service symbols
Most often in lotteries, one of two options for special patterns occurs:

“Wild” symbol. It is able to replace any picture and supplement the set of pictures to get a win. An example of such scratch cards is the development of Playtech X-Men Scratch. Wild symbol replaces the images of any characters in the game. A card with Wild is guaranteed to bring a win;
bonus symbol. Appearing in the cells of the lottery ticket, it gives the right to participate in additional prize rounds.

Scratch cards with no deposit bonus games

Prize rounds are launched mainly by the mentioned bonus symbol. In various types of lotteries, bonus rounds are implemented in the form of:

  • pick & win mini-games. The user is prompted to select drawings for additional prizes;
  • Wheels of Fortune. Depending on the rules, a gambler can receive a reward in credits or additional multipliers;
  • additional free cards – an analogue of free spins in slot machines.

Lotteries with non-standard graphic design

In such scratch cards, the usual fields with cells are replaced with unusual images. For example, Playtech’s Classic Slots Scratch Card is designed like a slot machine. To get a win, you need to “collect” a line from the same patterns. In the version of Roulette Scratch Card of the same Playtech, the image of a roulette wheel is applied on the card. The reward is brought by the number where the ball stopped.

Scratch cards with video

A decent example of video scratch cards is the Rocky Scratch Playtech model. There are three cells on the scratch card. Each contains images of Rocky’s rivals. The user is prompted to select a participant in the competition. Selecting a cell will launch a short video – an imitation of the broadcast of the battle. The prize is awarded if Rocky defeats the opponent.

In addition, online scratch cards are characterized by a variety of topics. Plots of books, myths, legends, films, comics, etc. are used to issue tickets.

Poker Scratch Cards

Unusual instant lotteries are available not only in online casinos. Scratch cards have become widespread on the portals of poker rooms. In particular, the terms of the PokerStars bonus policy provide for the provision of lottery tickets to active users. The draws are held according to the classic rules. The winnings are brought by cards with three identical patterns on the field.

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